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Anita Yuen
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    Hong Kong actress Anita Yuen

    Anita Yuen Profile

    Name: Yuen Wing Yee, Anita
    DOB: September 4, 1971
    Place of birth: Hong Kong
    Height: 170cm
    Blood type: O
    Family: Husband (Julian Cheung) and a daughter
    Profession: Actress

    (Also credited as Yuen Wing Yi, Yuen Yong Yi, Yuen Yongyi)

    Anita Yuen Biography

    Anita Yuen is an award winning actress; she won the Hong Kong Film Awards twice as the best actress in the 90s.

    Anita Yuen is married to fellow actor Julian Cheung. She gave birth to their first child in November 2006.

    Anita Yuen started her entertainment career after winning the Miss Hong Kong pageant in 1990. She made her acting debut in 1992 in a TVB series, and starred in some other TV dramas and movies.

    Anita Yuen made her breakthrough in 1994 with movie C鈥檈st la vie, mon ch茅ri, which won her the best actress award in Hong Kong Film Awards.

    Anita Yuen won her 2nd best actress award a year later with movie He鈥檚 a Woman, She鈥檚 a Man, starring alongside the deceased Leslie Cheung.

    Anita Yuen starred in a couple dozens of movies since then, including a few hits, but couldn鈥檛 reach the peak that she once was. Anita Yuen also went back to TV acting in the past few years.

    Anita Yuen announced her pregnancy in May 2006, and officially declared her marriage with Julian Cheung. The couple is believed to be married a few years ago without announcing it in public. Their son, Morton, was born in November 2006.

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