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Yu Yuanmu
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    Biography Highlight

    Yu Yuanmu, male, Han nationality, is a native of Jinxi, Jiangxi province. He was born in 1949, joined the CPC in 1975, and obtained the academic credentials of graduate school. He is a senior economist and a senior political cadre. Yu held leading posts in Chongqing, where he served as secretary of the CPC committee until 1982. He served as vice-mayor of the Chongqing Municipal Government from 2003-2008. He became Vice-Chairman of the Chongqing People's Congress in 2008.

    Recent Career Data

    2008鈥?/font> Vice-Chairman, Municipal People's Congress Chongqing Municipality
    2003鈥?008 Vice-Mayor, People's Government Chongqing Municipality
    2000鈥?003 Secretary, CPC, Municipal Committee Chongqing Municipality
    1998鈥?003 Director, People's Government, Economic Research Office Chongqing Municipality
    1997鈥?002 Delegate, 15th CPC, National Congress
    1993鈥?998 Secretary, CPC, Prefectural Committee Chongqing Municipality, Shizhong Prefecture
    1993鈥?997 Student, Chongqing University Chongqing Municipality (Received a Masters Degree)
    1990鈥?993 Deputy Secretary, CPC, Prefectural Committee Chongqing Municipality, Shizhong Prefecture
    1987鈥?990 Member, CPC, Municipal Committee, Standing Committee Chongqing Municipality
    1985鈥?987 Deputy Director, CPC, Municipal Committee, Research Office Chongqing Municipality

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