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Ma Yongshun
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    Ma Yongshun, well-known national model worker, China鈥檚 first generation logger, is the hero of our national forestry. In 1948, he came to Tieli FDA of northeast forestry alone and worked as a common logger. He dealt with trees all his life and went in for extrordinary labor, but his name is always shining in the banner of PRC laborers. When the nation needed wood for construction, he completed a six workload. A saw could shock Xing鈥檃nling and create the most manual logging output in China, which contributed to national economic construction and Resist America Aid Korea War indelibly. He wrote Method of Safe Logging and Method of File Saw in Four Seasons which become test books of Chinese manual logging. After new China has founded, Chairman Mao Zedong and other Party and state leaders met with him cordially for many times. He had got glorious titles such as Model Labor prizes of city, of province, of nation, etc for many times. In the early 1950s, his deeds were written and were selected into test books of primary school and middle school. They were well-known to every household.

    When our nation need to protect the ecological environment, he has insisted on planting trees voluntarily for 40 years. He planted more than 50,000 trees. Off life, more than afforestation, which is the biggest wish for MA Yongshun. In June,1988, MA Yongshun won the prize---global environmental 500 awarded by United Nations. In 1999, after awarded national 鈥淢ay 1鈥?Labor Medal, he got the greening pacesetter of the whole nation. The old logging model worker has become today's tree planting hero.

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