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    Resident People:548,600 (1994)

    General Information:Jiamusi (or Kiamusze), in Heilongjiang province, is the chief port on the lower reaches of the Songhua River.

    Geography:Located in the hinterland of Sanjiang Plain northeast to the Heilongjiang River, the city of Jiamusi faces the border of Federal Russia.

    Jiamusi Economy:The significant heavy and light industries of Jiamusi are centered mainly on large state-owned factories that are increasingly economically troubled, leading to widespread unemployment. It has become now one of China's tourist centres in the northeastern part of Heilongjiang Province.

    History:The city was formerly the capital of Hejiang prov. The name sometimes appears as Chia-mu-ssu.

    Arrive:There are rail connections to Harbin, to North Korea, and to Russia.

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